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Volunteer of the Year - 2007: Sharon Puterbaugh

- 2008: Virginia March & Illa Zink

-2010: Helen Holth

-2012: Norma Strangeland, Theresa Straley, and Angie Blonigen


YARD TOUR - 2007


YARD TOUR - 2010


Appreciation Dinner - 2008



Blood Drive - 2009

Blood Drive - 2011


Leadership awards - 2009-2011




Golf Tournament - 2011


Tree of Lights -

2011 - 2012


Volunteer Appreciation Party - 2011 - 2012





to everyone who participated in "Tablescapes" in any way.  There were mega hours invested in this awesome event.  It was a wonderful day enjoyed by everyone who attended.  Hats off to all the ladies who decorated tables and to the chairpersons and their assistants.






Volunteer Opportunities 


Volunteers are needed to escort the patients from the clinic to Acute Care for appointments with the specialists.  If you are interested in this position, please call Dorothy Fenske at 652-7194 or 652-3214.

More Volunteer Opportunities 


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"The purpose of life is not to be happy - but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived at all."

Leo Rosten(1908-1997) American Teacher & Humorist

What You Should Know About Urogenital Infections

Usually, men are more careless about urogenital infections. If a woman automatically thinks about how to avoid pregnancy and, thus, protects herself from urogenital infections, men are not so responsible for their health. However, it is important to know some facts about urogenital infections.

Symptoms of Urogenital Infections

Remember that all urogenital infections have the incubation period, when they do not manifest themselves in any way. In addition, it is not always possible to identify women’s urogenital infections visually. If at least something makes you doubt it, it is better to refuse from a sexual intercourse.

How You Can Get Infected

If there is a risk of getting urogenital infections, it is worth using a condom. In addition, both oral contact and anal sex are not sterile, and the bacteria that are usual for these areas may not be too “polite” with the genitals. In addition, oral and anal sex increases the risk of urogenital infections because of increased probability of trauma.

Is It Possible to Get Infected in a Bath or Pool?

Theoretically, the minimal risk exists (if you use the same swimming trunks and a towel with an infected person). Along with this, there is a risk of urogenital infections transmission through blood.

What to Do if Condom Broke?

Urinate as soon as possible and wash genitals thoroughly with soap. Use traditional medicine such as medical alcohol. You can accurately handle the obvious areas of possible minor abrasions with iodine or manganese using a hygienic stick. But it is best to have a special bottle with disinfectant solution in advance. Unfortunately, all this does not give any guarantee that you have avoided urogenital infections. Even if the symptoms are absent, it is worth visiting a hospital, take tests and be examined.

How to Understand That You Were Infected?

In most cases, it is not difficult to understand that you have urogenital infections. For example, if there are unpleasant sensations when urinating, you might probably have urethritis (inflammation of the urethra). Check your laundry – if you have chlamidiosis, mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis and trichomoniasis, you will notice some excreta after sleep; if you have gonorrhea, excreta will be yellowish-green in color.

Treatment of Urogenital Infections

Treatment of urogenital infections should be conducted only under supervision of your doctor. It can be a venereologist, andrologist and urologist. During the treatment you will have to avoid drinking alcohol, as it has the property of reducing the activity of antibiotics and their concentration in the blood, and it is possible that the effect will be reduced to zero. Until the end of the treatment of urogenital infections, any sexual contact is prohibited. If you have noticed any psychological problems after the treatment course and, therefore, problems in sexual life, your doctor can recommend you some effective ED medications like Generisk Cialis to improve your sexual performance during this period.


AUG 18

Blood Drive


CHC Large Conference room



Special Event

Details to follow.


MAY 17

HAND State Convention




Yard & Garden Tour




Leadership Award Winners


  Carrington Health Center Auxiliary is offering three Leadership Awards (Scholarships of $750.00). Student must have completed one year of college minimum and be accepted into a health occupations program. For more info or to get an application – contact Lori Solberg at 652-2057 or Dorothy Fenske at 652-7194. Deadline to apply is June 15.


Auxiliary Donations...

    Take a look at some of the Auxiliary's  donations:

- 2 pictures for CHC West (formerly Holy Family Villa)

- 5 Scholarshiips

- Painted hallways from clinic area to the chapel

- Lift chairs for acute care

- Elliptical for cardiac rehab

- TV for CHC family visitors lounge

- 1/2 of "Tree of Lights" proceeds to Mercy Hospice

- Nikon microscope for lab

- Blood draw chair for clinic

- Kerma Floor Scale for acute care

- Pictures for radiology department

- Angels for Hospice

- Gifts for Baby Wellness Checks




Don't forget that the Auxiliary cookbook is on sale at the Happy Heart Hutch Gift Shop.  Stop by and get a copy! It would make a great gift!



Request:  We are updating info for our membership list.  Would you be willing to share your cell phone number in order for it to be used on the membership list?  If you would, please call Dorothy Fenske at 652-7104 and leave a message.