Taco in a Bag Fundraiser


Volunteer of the Year - 2007: Sharon Puterbaugh

- 2008: Virginia March & Illa Zink

-2010: Helen Holth

-2012: Norma Strangeland, Theresa Straley, and Angie Blonigen


YARD TOUR - 2007


YARD TOUR - 2010


Appreciation Dinner - 2008



Blood Drive - 2009

Blood Drive - 2011


Leadership awards - 2009-2011




Golf Tournament - 2011


Tree of Lights -

2011 - 2012


Volunteer Appreciation Party - 2011 - 2012





to everyone who participated in "Tablescapes" in any way.  There were mega hours invested in this awesome event.  It was a wonderful day enjoyed by everyone who attended.  Hats off to all the ladies who decorated tables and to the chairpersons and their assistants.






Volunteer Opportunities 


Volunteers are needed to escort the patients from the clinic to Acute Care for appointments with the specialists.  If you are interested in this position, please call Dorothy Fenske at 652-7194 or 652-3214.

More Volunteer Opportunities 


Courtesy Cart



"The purpose of life is not to be happy - but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived at all."

Leo Rosten(1908-1997) American Teacher & Humorist

Welcome to the Carrington Health Center Auxiliary…

We are pleased that you have decided to become an auxiliary member and/or volunteer at the center.


The services you will be providing as a volunteer are appreciated by staff, patients and residents.  As a volunteer, you are voluntarily giving of yourself, your time and your talents.  Special gratification will come from the patients and residents whom you come in contact with.


Thank you for your commitment to the Auxiliary and the Volunteer Program at CHC.  We hope your relationship is a a long and fruitful one.  We also hope that this experience will be as rewarding and beneficial to you as it will be to our staff, patients, and residents.



Working Together is Rewarding and Fun!

     As you know, the Happy Heart Hutch at Carrington Health Center is always adding new, unique gifts.  Check out all the new merchandise and food items: USA flax…gluten-free chips…meat-rubs…dips…soups…bread mixes… and other Thunderbird products.

     The Hutch is filled with wonderful ideas for gifts, as well as featuring ongoing specials.


 April 25-29:  Draw a discount card from the fishbowl.  You could “catch” 25%, 40% or 50% off your purchase for the day.

May 23-27:  New coffee product.  We will be sampling these coffee, both hot and iced!  25% off all coffees this week.

June:  25%-off coupons will be provided to all staff and volunteers


      It’s always pleasant to stop by the Happy Heart Hutch, whether you’re there to buy a gift for someone in the hospital, to pick up a decoration for your home, or to visit with an Auxiliary volunteer.  Also, it feels good to know that the proceeds from the Hutch go toward a good cause. 

Welcome to the Happy Heart Hutch!



April 10-16

This year’s theme is….

“Whooo Makes a Difference?”

Volunteers like yoooou!

Instead of a volunteer luncheon or dinner this year, we have another treat in mind for you.

In appreciation of your dedication and commitment to Carrington Health Center and in honor of Volunteer Week which was April 10-16, we are planning movie night at Carrington Youth Center on Thursday, May 5th, at 6:30 p.m.

The movie is “The Intern” which is about 70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker (Robert DeNiro) who has discovered that retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Seizing an opportunity to get back in the game, he becomes a senior intern at an online fashion site, founded and run by Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway).

A small pop and popcorn will be provided.  As well, dessert and coffee will be served in the theater’s community room following the movie.

(Please RSVP by Monday, May 2nd, to 652-7189 or 652-3214 and leave a message.)



In December of this last year we had five beautiful homes on our tour.   It was a wonderful tour and a great success, thanks to the following participants:

Paul & Rosanne Zink

Donnie & Teresa Theis

Richard & Amy Nysted

Jeff & Jana Kvamme

Paul & Christy Reimer

Also, thanks to Trinity Lutheran Church for providing a place where we could coordinate this popular event.  It was an enjoyable place to gather for coffee, desserts… and visiting.

Photos of the tour will be published at this site when available.


Auxiliary Bake Sales

          This is a photo from one of last year’s Bake

         Sales.   You ladies always come through when it  

         comes to providing baked goods for our special

         sales!  Thank you so much for all the time and

         effort  you put  into making our activities



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The scholarly study.

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Reminiscent of the fictional Superstar Trek medical Tricorder.

Related StoriesDiabetes prevention begins in the wombMD Anderson research reveals why chemotherapy drugs not effective for most pancreatic malignancy patientsNew RNA test of blood platelets may be used to detect location of cancerIn the article, C&EN Contributing Editor Aaron Alexander Rowe targets new optical techniques that use laser beam beams or so-known as near-infrared light to peer painlessly below the skin and through muscle mass and bone to observe body structures. Near-infrared light, beyond the number visible to the human eye just, penetrates several inches into the human body. Two gadgets described in this article task a near-infrared beam in to the skull. The light passes through brain cells and blood vessels, and scatters back out then, where detectors analyze it in ways that guarantee to reveal whether sufferers are bleeding from a stroke or have got other disorders. Continue reading

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AUG 18

Blood Drive


CHC Large Conference room



Special Event

Details to follow.


MAY 17

HAND State Convention




Yard & Garden Tour




Leadership Award Winners


  Carrington Health Center Auxiliary is offering three Leadership Awards (Scholarships of $750.00). Student must have completed one year of college minimum and be accepted into a health occupations program. For more info or to get an application – contact Lori Solberg at 652-2057 or Dorothy Fenske at 652-7194. Deadline to apply is June 15.


Auxiliary Donations...

    Take a look at some of the Auxiliary's  donations:

- 2 pictures for CHC West (formerly Holy Family Villa)

- 5 Scholarshiips

- Painted hallways from clinic area to the chapel

- Lift chairs for acute care

- Elliptical for cardiac rehab

- TV for CHC family visitors lounge

- 1/2 of "Tree of Lights" proceeds to Mercy Hospice

- Nikon microscope for lab

- Blood draw chair for clinic

- Kerma Floor Scale for acute care

- Pictures for radiology department

- Angels for Hospice

- Gifts for Baby Wellness Checks




Don't forget that the Auxiliary cookbook is on sale at the Happy Heart Hutch Gift Shop.  Stop by and get a copy! It would make a great gift!



Request:  We are updating info for our membership list.  Would you be willing to share your cell phone number in order for it to be used on the membership list?  If you would, please call Dorothy Fenske at 652-7104 and leave a message.